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10 different names of makar sankranti festival In different States of India



it’s makar sankranti currently and therefore the competition is widely known everywhere Republic of India with an entire heap of pleasure. the spring competition, makar sankranti is that the primary indian competition of the Gregorian calendar and is widely known as a cosmic time competition. it's one in all of the few fairs among us that falls at identical day every twelve months. each kingdom and space of Republic of India celebrates the competition in their personal method and there square measure even a number of close nations that commemorate makarsankranti! the pageant has loads of names however the keenness of celebration is that the equal all over! makar sankranti is symbolic of kite flying, seasame chikkis and chocolates and much of family bonding
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1) Makar sankranti –Telanagana and Andra Pradesh

In Andhra and TelanganaMakar Sankranti may be a 4-day pageant and is well known with lots of pleasure. The families close and celebrate it with lots of sweets and during a ancient ways in which. the primary day is Bhoghi, second Makara Sankranti, third is Kanuma and fourth is Mukkanuma. The traditions Associate in Nursingd celebrations on every day area unit totally different an whereas the primary 3 days a strict eater diet is followed, on Mukkanuma, animal is sacrificed to the God and meat is savoured.

2) Uthharayan -Gujarath

Makar Sankranti is widely known on a lavish scale in Gujarat additionally the state also encompasses a special International Kite Flying pageant. individuals lodge in home inactive and when prayers within the morning, congregate on terrace first-rate with their kites. There square measure millions of kite games and kite wars. individuals feed one another sweets like chikki and a special preparation of Undhiyu ( a combination of spcied vegetables is made). The state celebrates the pageant lavishly.

3) Magha Saaji – Himachal Pradesh

Saaji is that the native word for Sankranti and Hindu calendar month is that the name of the month and also the sun-sign (Capricorn) that commences with the arrival of the pageant. The day signals a modification in seasons and other people welcome spring by taking a dip within the rivers . They visit their neighbours and share sweets like chikki or khichdi and drawn butter (clarified butter). The locals additionally visit temples and do plenty of charity on at the moment. The evening is widely known with people songs and dances.

4) Suggi – Karnataka

Suggi is that the harvest competition of state celebrated chiefly by farmers and therefore the girls. the ladies visit every other’s homes in an exceedingly ritual referred to as Ellu Birodhu and that they carry a plate of offerings and sweets with them for exchange. The plate has Sesamum indicum seeds and jaggary, and different crackers like cooked ground crackers and coconut, sugar-cane items and sugar candies. girls conjointly draw rangolis outside their homes and beautify the kine with vibrant decorations and paint their horns

5) Ghughuti or Kale Kauva – Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, Makar Sankranti is well known because the competition of the migratory birds as they believe it's the season for the birds to finish their migration. The locals provide khichdi and different food as charity and organise fairs and meet-ups. Sweetmeats are created out of sugary flour by cooking them then asking the youngsters to supply these sweets to crows as a blessing for the migratory birds on their homeward journey.

6) Maghi – Punjab

Also celebrated as LohriMaghi signals the amendment to hotter weather and also the day holds a special place within the hearts of the residents of geographical area. They bathe early within the morning and lightweight lamps with oil to chase away the darkness (from life) and produce within the prosperity. They even have vast bonfires within the evenings and luxuriate in their day by socializing and having a hearty meal with benne sweets.

7) Pongal – Tamil Nadu

Just like Andhra, state additionally celebrates Pongal for four days with every of the times having a special significance. On the primary day, folks clean and enhance their homes, wear new garments and discard or divulge all the unwanted things. On the second day, that's the most Pongal day, folks celebrate by having sweets and sweet rice reparations. The rice is delivered to a boil with milk and saccharine and allowed to over boil the pot. The minute the rice boils over, there's a special  andPongal is widely known. The rice is obtainable to the God and so shared by the folks. the opposite 2 days involve worshiping the oxen and inviting the relatives.

8) Sakraat or Khichdi – Bihar and Jharkhand

The competition could be a 2-day competition in state and Jharkhand wherever the folks take holy dips within the stream early within the morning and so, have bonfires into that they provide benni seeds. Delicacies area unit ready with benni seeds and carbohydrate. the ladies folks in villages move and celebrate the competition whereas change of state easy however hearty meals of rice and lentils or curd and rice/puffed rice with some vegetables.

 9) Maghe Sankranti – Nepal

Makar Sankranti is widely known as Maghe Sankranti and like most regions, they too celebrate the pageant with benny seeds. one among the legends has it that aeons past, a businessperson had a sack of benny seeds that ne'er looked as if it would finish. On dig through the bag, he found associate idol of Lord Vishnu within the bag and therefore, benny seeds became auspicious. when Makar Sankranti, the auspicious amount commences and every one ceremonies area unit worn out Asian nation.

10) Poush Parbon - West Bengal

Poush Parbon is well known in province. The competition falls on the day of reckoning of the Hindu month of Poush and signals the start of Magh and thus, it's named once the month. Special palm sugar, Khejurer Niger-Congo, that's offered solely throughout this era, is employed to arrange sweets and delicacies. deity Lakshmi is idolized on the day of Sankranti. However, in Darjeeling, the competition is well known as Magey Sakrati and Lord Shiva is idolized.



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