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Uttarayan Festival 2018 Day & Date - Makar sankranti Moment Time 2018



Makar sankranti Festival Is known as uttarayan Festival in gujarat state of india. Read More stuff about uttarayan 2018 Here.

Uttarayan is Festival of 2 days. The First day of uttarayan is known as Makar sankranti or uttarayan and the second day is known as Vasi Uttarayan.

Uttarayan 2018 Date / Makar sankranti 2018 Date

We all know that uttarayan is the only festival in india which is celebrated by date. Other Festival Accept makar sankranti are celebrated by Panchag Tithi

So if you are searching for the date of kite flying festival 2018 then you are at the right place.

Makar sankranti Date is - 14th January 2018 (14-01-2018)
Day - Saturday 

Uttarayan And Makar sankranti is the same festival so the date and time are same for both celebration.

Uttarayan Date 2018 - 14th January 2018 (14-01-2018)
Day - Saturday 

Uttarayan 2017 Date Makar Sankranti 2017 Date

Kite Flying Festival Date 2018

Uttarayan Is the festival when people flying their kites and celebrates Festival. Kite Flying is one of the best event of uttarayan. You can read more about it here.

If you are also curious for the day of kite flying festival 2018 dates then here we are publishing full information date and time about uttarayan 2018.

Date Of Kite Flying Festival 2018 - January 14th  2018 (14/01/2018) & 15th January 2018 (15/10/2018)
Day - Saturday & Sunday

In Some Region of Gujarat Like Ahmedavad, People Celebrating kite flying after the day of makar sankranti. It means the second day of this festival.

Second Day Of Makar Sankranti Featival, when People Flying their kites and celebrate kite flying festival is known as Vasi Uttarayan 2018.

Date Of Vasi Uttarayan 2018 - 15th January 2018 (15-01-2018)
Day - Sunday

Every Year Vasi Uttarayan Is Celebrated On Same date and time.



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