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What Is Uttarayan ? Why do we celebrate makar sankranti ?



What Is Uttarayan :- If You lives in gujarat then definitely you know what is the Uttarayan. But If you belongs to the other state of india then probably you are not aware from the word or festival uttarayan. so here we are giving you the complete information about the indian festival uttarayan.

what is uttarayan makarsankranti

What Is Uttarayan Festival ? 

What Is Uttarayan Festival (Makarsankranti Festival) :- Uttarayan Is The Festival Of Kites. The Uttarayan Festival Is Also Known as Kite Flying festival and makarsankranti. On the Day Of uttarayan, sun travels from the southernmost point (Dakshinayan) to the Northernmost point (Uttarayan). 

The Uttarayan Festival is a unique Gujarati Festival. On The Day of uttarayan or makarsankranti the skies of all the cites of gujarat and some cites of rajasthan and telangana state are fill up with kites. The festival Celebrated on the days in the Hindu calendar when winter starts finishing and summer is starting, known as Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. On the day of makarsankranti everyone takes to the rooftops and roadways to fly kites and compete with their neighbors.

In short The Sun Entered To The Northernmost point and the Name of northernmost point in gujarat is UTTARAYAN. so this Festival is known as uttarayan. On this day, people follow the rituals of taking a dip in holy rivers, and donating to the poor. 

According to hindu people, from the day of makarsankranti or uttarayan, the days becomes Longer and night becomes Shorter. it means the time period of day starts increasing and the time period of night starts decreasing.

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rituals dharmik vidhi of uttarayan

Rituals Of The Uttarayan ( Makar sankranti )

Rituals Or Dharmik Vidhi For Uttarayan Or makarsankranti :- From The Religious Point of view, on the day of uttarayan or makarsankranti, sun enters in makar rashi (Capricorn zodiac) from the Gemini zodiac. Religiously the transition of Sun brings major changes for human being and the nature as well. The nature however adopts these changes but if the human being can accustom with these changes, the life can be made blissful.
Rituals Followed By hindu people on uttarayan or makarsankranti :- On the day of uttarayan people Feed the cows. They feed poors also. and the also follow the rituals of dip in the holy river on the day of makarsankranti.

How People Celebrates Uttarayan (Makar sankranti) ?

The People in gujarat follow some special and unique rituals to celebrates uttarayan. But the most common way to celebrate the uttarayan festival is Kite Flying. On the Day Of Makarsankranti all the gujaratis flying kites and eat sugarcane (ganna or sheradi). people also eat some sweets made from Jaggery and Sesame (gol and tal).

It Is very common question which asked oftenly that Why We Celebrate makarsankranti Or Why Do We Celebrate Sankranti. So Here Is the answer that what is the reason behind the celebration of uttarayan Festival or Makar sankranti Festival.

Why Do We Celebrate Makarsankranti (Uttarayan) ?

Answer:- According to Hindu Panchag (Calender) , The Time Period between "megh" to "ashad" month is count as uttarayan or makarsankranti. According To Old hindu veidic Scriptures (Veidic shashtra), Makar sankranti is the period of Deities (devatao). As per old hindu religios stories, the holy river ganga comes to the earth on the day of uttarayan. and bhishm pitamah from the mahabharata leaves their body and went to the heavenly abode.

So because of these reasongs people celebrates happy uttarayan festival or makar sankranti Festival Every Year on 14th January 2016. We must celebrate makar sankranti every year for this reasons.

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